Airstream Coffee Shop back up for sale

Wow… didn’t realize how long its been since doing a post here! Time goes by so fast!

Anyway, just wanted to say that the Airstream that I converted to a coffee shop, and later had to sell, is back up for sale by the new owner. They never were able to finish their plan of a coffee shop in the Ventura area. It’s been sitting down there, unused for a couple years. If you are interested, or know of someone who is, more information can be found at this site:

As a quick summary…

It has all the equipment needed to just open. The main attraction, besides it being a beautiful 1964 Airstream Sovereign Land Yacht, is the Slayer espresso machine. The design was inspired by the front of an Airstream, with rivets and all! Check it out and pass the link along to those whom you think could be interested. I’d love to see this open again and being enjoyed somewhere. It’s currently in Southern California, in the Los Angeles area.

Airstream Coffee Shop
Ström Coffee’s 1964 Airstream Sovereign.

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