2020 Update (and new egg app!)

TL;DR – Our site went down, the world shut down, started a backyard chicken egg marketplace app.

Site Go Bye-Bye

Well, 2020 has been an interesting year so far! We’ll get to the COVID-19 stuff in a bit, but the year started off rocky for silversojouner.com. Due to being busy with working out of town and handling simultaneous jobs, our family site went down and we didn’t know about it! There was some confusion in our hosting and the site was deleted! Oy!

Thankfully, we caught it in time and our hosting provider was able to secure a backup of the entire site before it was archived into la-la land forever (fully deleted). So, it took some time to recover that and spin in back up with new hosting. There’s been a few quirks here and there, but hopefully most of it is running smoothly.


So, yeah, COVID-19 is happening. It’s confusing times for sure with all the different data points and interpretations of the data, as well as the response to the virus. We keep an extra close eye on the data;

Hi Miette!
Hi Miette!

while Miette is fully healthy (7 years post treatment!) we do keep in mind that chemotherapy can permanently change things. We do consider her compromised, even though we believe her to be fully healed and recovered. None-the-less, we know there are compromised folks out there and they have our concern.

Unfortunately, our family was economically impacted by the shut down and our jobs were lost. I (Kelly) was working at REI and they had to shut down all their stores. Who knew that shutting down every store would make revenue disappear? Uh, everyone. We saw it coming and it wasn’t a surprise, but still sad. Worked with a really great team at REI and hope to meet up and work with them again!

Yolk Folks Eggs!

While all this was happening, I did build a web app to help folks buy and sell home-grown, backyard chicken eggs! Of course, if you’ve browsed through our site, you’ll notice that we are believers in healthy, whole food, organic (as much as possible), clean eating. Cancer sucks and we believe diet plays a big part of overcoming it – whether its eating to kill the cancer or eating to overcome the toxic conventional treatment of it (chemo).

Yolk Folks LogoWe also believe in locally sourced foods in order to avoid conventional (and stale) mass produced food sources. We also have chickens and eat a lot of eggs! While selling and buying eggs locally from your neighbors isn’t a new thing, we wanted a better and easier experience for both the seller and the buyer. So check it out! The site is in need of sellers right now, so if you know any, please send them on over! The hardest part is signing up with Stripe (even though it’s not ‘hard’) because buyers don’t actually pay Yolk Folks for the eggs. Yolk Folks just provides the platform (the app) for sellers to sell directly to the buyers! We appreciate your support in using the app and helping backyard chicken folks earn some extra cash and local small poultry farms have another outlet for selling their eggs.

So, there’s an update with us! Hoping everyone is well and that the rest of the year brings good health and good fortune!

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