Super Duper Bummed

Our first trip in Miette’s Airstream is appearing to be in serious jeopardy. We were heading out of town, going up hill and the truck started having problems. The computer on the truck reduced the engine power and we couldn’t go over 35-40 mph up the hill. This will be a slight problem heading across the country, climbing over the Rockies and the hills, etc. So we had to turn around and come back home. Miette was super bummed and crying. Poor girl. All the preparation, excitement and anticipation of her big trip all came crashing down on her (and the rest of the family). It was a long day trying to get the truck fixed and she was pooped. We are working diligently to find a way to get this truck to haul her Airstream up a hill and have the funds to fix it and keep her trip possible. One possible fix is GM Part # 20832565 (fuel line assemble) or the GMC technical bulletin of PIP4526; darn you GMC, now is not a good time.

Even with this bad news, one thing we try and remember to keep things in perspective is this: at this time last year our Sunday nights were spent getting ready to head into chemo treatment for 3 or 5 days. The daunting sadness that caused is no longer a part of our life. For that we are grateful. It would be extremely nice to get to leave on Miette’s trip but as always, it could be worse.

We’ll keep you updated.