A Special Video Treat

This is a special post for us. Miette does not like to be photographed that much nor does she like to be videotaped. However, upon cleaning out our digital video recorder this evening we came across a video Miette took of herself. We thought we would share this, since to us it’s like finding gold. Just don’t tell Miette we are posting this! This was the day after her guinea pig, Tina Turner, unexpectedly died.  “I am a famous singer but I am also a famous pet owner.”

Meanwhile, we have spent most of this Vermont trip relaxing and enjoying the company of cousins; even with the relentless barrage of mosquitoes. Its interesting to see the dynamics of who hangs out with who. Miette is reveling in her cousin Emma’s extroverted personality.  Indy and Carter spend time together, then go their own ways; Indy sneaking off to fly fish, as we are in the backyard of the Orvis company.  They are very similar critters, those two.  Esme is collecting hardback Nancy Drew books, haunting the thrift shops of these little Vermont towns.  Signing off to get some shut eye— busy day tomorrow, with a field trip to Montpelier on the agenda.


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  1. My computer is not buffering it well , but I was able to see most of it. So sweet. I am so glad she made that video. It will be a true treasure for many years to come. Nice that she is talking about her life and what she is going through. Facing it now and not bottling it up. Great!
    So happy you are all enjoying the trip and family! What a true blessing for all of you.

    1. Yes, sometimes its tough to tell what she’s been thinking about treatment and everything else. We’re so happy we found that video and that she took it! We will try and get the video in a better format as well.

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