Wrapping Up in Pennsylvania

So Miette and Kelly buried her guinea pig, Tina Turner Friday morning in front of Meemaw’s shop where there is a flower bed. Later that day, Lisa found Miette laying next to her grave crying 🙁 Later that night at bed time, when we all know its the toughest to not have something we miss so much, she cried herself to sleep, wanting to hold Tina. Its been a rough couple days for Miette.

Miette showing me her new pierced ear.
Miette showing me her new pierced ear.

However, on Friday she went thrift shopping with Lisa, her aunt Loretta, aunt Rydell and Meemaw. She got her ears pierced while they were out and was very happy about that. She’s been wanting to do that for quite some time.

Kelly and the boys went and got the oil changed and on a search for a fly shop. We found a sporting goods “store” in someone’s detached garage up in the hills. They had everything you could think of for bow hunting, guns, fishing… all crammed in a small shop. With our Keen’s and flip-flops, we were a little out of place with the local folk. If you could imagine fella’s coming out from living in the deep backcountry Pennsylvania hills for 5 months and then reappearing into society, that’s who we were waiting in line with. It was very interesting. The three of us were the only ones without at least 5 inches of facial hair. We think we saw bigfoot in there as well, waiting for his hunting license.

The awning was blown down from a thunderstorm.
The awning was blown down from a thunderstorm.

There must have been a thunderstorm that rolled through while we were gone; when we returned to the Airstream the awning was mostly pulled out of the railing and collapsed. It’s a beast to setup so we just folded it backup rather than setting it up again.

On Sabbath, Lisa got to see a lot of old friends she hasn’t seen in a while. The congregation over her has a lot of children in attendance, so once again, our kids were not lonely. Last night, we all hopped in the cars and drove to a local movie drive-in theater and watched double feature (Sorry, no pictures). Its been hot and humid the entire visit her and last night was no exception. A double feature makes for a late night so we all slept in a little longer this morning. It was the kids’ first drive-in experience.

Today will be our last full day in Oakland Mills. Tomorrow we load back up and head north to Vermont. It will be a full day of driving. We will opt out of stopping over in New York City, even though it would be cool to get a photo of the Airstream in Times Square… just don’t think I’d be able to get it back out.

A couple photos from before…

Indy getting up close...
Indy getting up close…
We acquired a needed entry mat while at the Airstream headquarters.
We acquired a needed entry mat while at the Airstream headquarters.

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