Coffee and Photography…

Here are a couple photos of stops and of course, cooooffffeeeeeeee. Practicing making espresso with the Moka Pot… maybe by the end of the trip we’ll have it down. Making good coffee is a skill that takes patience. I think we’re getting there. The small critters that poop wherever they want are enjoying the grass outside while we eat breakfast. A much needed Sabbath rest today. Hopefully our photography during the trip is respectable… trying to limit our mobile uploads and stick to DSLR photos.







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  1. Good morning and good night both from the E Robin Ct troops. Piggies are good but thunder and rainstorms galore!!! Now when you get further east Kansas gets better. Western KS is just….well just there. But better be nice about KS or next thing you know you’ll be moving there! God does have a sense of humor. Blessings and good Sabbath to you. Enjoy the moka pot, that KS crema looked good.

  2. Have you noticed the severe lack of coffee shops in the plains yet? Wouldn’t It be a great place to set up one? Woodward, Ok desperately needs one!

  3. Wait, what?? Whole beans go in there? And the coffee is like… espresso? I mean, forgive my less than stellar coffee knowledge, but what exactly is the Moka pot and how is it different than a french press. Great blog, btw. I love the simple layout. Who is your host?

  4. Did I understand correctly? You put whole beans in the moka pot?? That looks like a pretty nice espresso, did it meet your expectations?

  5. Yeah right…it just comes out like that. Foam art heart and all. 😉 Actually, I forgot to ask you before you left: Have you ever considered an Aero-Press for your camping/glamping/backpacking needs? I had one (gave it away to friends moving to Kenya). Makes good coffee extract. Beautiful pictures! Enjoying the blog. Thanks for posting.

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