What Happened to the Mountains?

IMG_20130628_163928After enjoying an overnight stay at some friend’s beautiful house in the mountains outside of Denver, being conned by them into pulling the Airstream into their “cul-de-sac” (it was more of a slow vehicle turn out), we are now on the high plains. We are in Kansas. We didn’t realize we entered Kansas. We didn’t see any signs or anything that announced we were entering Kansas. No offense to those living in Kansas, but we kind of see why. Its almost as if Kansas is trying to hide. There was no big sign or giant stone structure with a big “Welcome!”. No fanfare or bragging about “Home of the… whatever”. We have to force it out of them to admit that, yes, we are indeed in Kansas. Admit it… this is Kansas isn’t it??

Anyway, we’ve noticed on this trip that we aren’t the fastest travelers in the world. Its OK I guess. We did plenty of speeding around this past year to make doctors appointments, treatments and the like. Every slow minute with our family intact is just fine.

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