Thousand Trails – Little Diamond

We took the Silver Eagle up in a northeasterly direction to meet up with Shilowe and Dave at the Thousand Trails Little Diamond campground last weekend. It was the first time getting the Airstream out in the woods since last year at Cascade Peaks near Randle/Packwood; that too used to be a Thousand Trails.

This trip was hot. Over 100° leaving Tri-Cities. Over 100° on our way there. Over 100° on Saturday and Sunday. Monday brought some light rain in the morning which was such an awesome relief. However, once the clouds burned off it left a heavy humid hot day once again. Oh well. The kids had fun. There was swimming, there was fishing (even though there were no big fish) and there were s’mores and campfires. Overall, the place wasn’t spectacular but it was nice getting out of the 110° weather in Tri-Cities that weekend. It’s also good to be in the pine trees. Everyone is happier in pine trees 🙂 We should all live around the fresh scent of evergreens.

Here’s a quick summary of the trip, wrapped up in a 5 minute video and some photos after that.

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